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King Randall's Party

Build a castle and protect the treasury from the King's army. · By GorillaOne


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King Randall's Party 1.21 Released
Fixed a bug which caused crashes on computers in regions that use non-period decimal separators...
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King Randall's Party 1.2 Released
Updated level 4 to include a ladder usage tutorial. Nothing else new about the build!...
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King Randall's Party 1.1 Released
Hey all, major update today! Significant changes are the addition of a challenge mode which will spawn unlimited waves of enemies, and a wave counter so you can...
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Game Released and Installer
Well, without any fanfare at all I released King Randall's Party into the wild a few Friday's ago. Since then I've been working on bug fixes and quality of life...
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Beta 1 Released
Releasing a beta build for King Randall's Party today - the full game will have some more levels, but this is more or less representative of the final product...
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Alpha 4 Released
Alpha 4 is here! Though its getting DANGEROUSLY close to being called a beta, with most of the kinks worked out, all the features in place, and only 11 levels l...
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So there it is, King Randall's Party's release. It has been a long, long road to get here, and in many respects KRP is s...
started by GorillaOne Apr 06, 2018
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Adding King Randall's Party to and adding the Alpha 3 build for download. Please post all comments and feedback...
started by GorillaOne Oct 09, 2017
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