King Randall's Party 1.1 Released

Hey all, major update today! Significant changes are the addition of a challenge mode which will spawn unlimited waves of enemies, and a wave counter so you can measure how long you've lasted!

Change list:

  • Fixed issue where player's spritesheet cells were overlapping each other.
  • Cauldron's now properly destroy reload icons when they are destroyed.
  • Added missing tooltips.
  • Made level select screen stack vertically so it fits better when the window resizes.
  • Made level select buttons smaller so more can fit on screen at a time. Still a readable size.
  • Added Challenge levels.
  • Made new challenge levels append the saves.
  • Newly created challenge levels will unlock if the main levels they are linked to have previously been unlocked.
  • Added a wave counter.
  • Added some default starting money values for challenge levels.
  • Added unlimited spawn profiles to each unlimited map.


King Randall's Party Installer v1.1 32 MB
Jan 03, 2019

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